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How To Overcome Sugar Cravings And Live A Healthy Life


Sugar addiction is one of the worst addictions one can come across. The main reason this addiction is so bad, is it’s highly accepted and not really considered a problem or an addiction. It is really important to overcome sugar cravings in order to live a healthy and more active life. One of the main issues with sugar addictions is it causes people to eat the wrong food. This can lead to a number of side effects and cause people to fall ill with major health problems. We need to understand sugar is not a bad thing, consuming the wrong kind of sugar is bad.

overcome sugar cravingsRefined white sugar which is freely available in the market, is the most toxic kind of sugar and has the most side effects. Refined sugar is found in so many places – soft drinks, processed food etc. This is the kind of addiction one needs to get away from. If you learn to overcome sugar cravings for refined white sugar you will be able to live a long healthy life free from many diseases. It is hard to overcome sugar cravings, but once you learn how to do this, your life is sorted and you can focus on a healthier lifestyle. Refined sugar is bad and poisonous for the body and needs to be eliminated from a daily diet in order to live a healthy life.  There are many ways to enjoy healthy sweets.

One can overcome sugar cravings by replacing the bad sugar with natural organic products which can benefit the body instead of causing harm to it.

Fruit sugar is a great alternative to overcome sugar cravings. Like the name suggests, this sugar is natural sugar extracted from fruits and is a healthier option as compared to refined white sugar. A healthy body is a more active and a more productive body. It’s essential to start eating healthy at a young age in order to live longer and healthier.

One of the best practices to overcome sugar cravings is including green juice in your diet. Many times sugar cravings are associated with hunger. Your body craves its daily intake of its minerals and nutrients. This feeling is best suppressed with the intake of sugar which is why sugar addicts crave sweet foods when hungry. Although this gives them a full feeling it does not meet the daily requirement of necessary minerals and nutrients essential for the body. Green juice can help provide all the daily nutrients and minerals and also overcome the sugar craving.

Another way to overcome sugar cravings is incorporating as much raw food in your diet as you can. You don’t need to limit your intake of raw foods and you can stuff yourself with it until you feel satisfied. You won’t have any health issues while consuming raw foods since it is free from any harmful chemicals, and can only benefit your body. Fruits are a great raw food option and since it’s sweet it helps you overcome your sugar cravings drastically. It helps you live a healthier and more fruitful life.



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  1. In my opinion…its the processed sugar that is addicted instead of the fruit sugar in whole fruit. For me a chocolate bar is as addictive as a drug…I’ve tried incorporating a but of chocolate to my diet but that combination of sugar and cocoa makes for an addictive thing.

  2. YOU ARE SO RIGHT KA! i’m high raw for more the 2 years and I DONT have sugar cravings , the MAIN SOLUTION: make sure you have 2 meals that EACH will contain: 1-2 cups of green juice followed by fruits until youre full and small handful of soaked nut/seed AFTER you are done with the fruits (in one of the meals).

  3. One thing I’ve noticed about married people and couples is that they are very self absorbed. Do you realize that there is governmental persecution and violence occuring in the countries you now are residing in or is it just about MEEE?

  4. What a ridiculous thing to say – you think married people are self absorbed and single people are selfless? Imo, this comment is all about YOUUUU and your jealousies and has absolutely nothing to do with what is or is not going on in other countries. Ka spends most of his energy teaching people how to raise their vibration and health through better eating, which can change the world.. That is SERVICE. Judgment of others is very negative – spend your energy on changing YOURSELF.

  5. Thanks for sharing your video you are highly knowledgable and really know your stuff Amazing. I eat all natural sugars getting them mainly from bananas and dates. I have found a good source and regular supply of date pure with nothing added and am addicted to them refined sugar??? SUGAR NO!!! WAY!!!! ps Bali looks really nice hope you and you family are having a great and peaceful time

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!